3rd Annual Conference: IIoT and Digital Solutions for Oil & Gas 2019

Why a Conference about IIoT and Digital Solutions for Oil & Gas? IoT, Big Data, Cloud:  Every new digitalization technology aims to redefine the Oil & Gas industry and generate new business value. How are Oil & Gas companies navigating

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Modular Procedural Automation Innovation for Upstream Processes

History of Modular Procedural Automation A procedural operation consists of a set of operator tasks that are conducted in a set way time-after-time to achieve a certain goal such as starting or shutting down a unit or making a product.

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Let’s have an eco-friendly Barbecue!

Can you enjoy a delicious barbecue and be sustainable? There are lots of bank holidays in June. Do you already have plans for the extended weekend? The warm summer weather in June is perfect for a BBQ with family and

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