The Problem of Choice- Flow technology selection can often be a challenge (Part 1)

Why flow is one of the most important parameters Choice is the act of selecting between two or more possibilities. Generally, choice can be an exciting experience, but sometimes it can also be very difficult. We are all familiar with

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Virtualization is the Future

Advantages of new virtual technologies Everything starts with a mission. BP, one of the biggest global oil and gas companies, had approached us last year with the request for a new control room in their refinery in Rotterdam (NL) using

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Top Nine Blog posts in 2019

2020- a new decade has started. Which innovations will be made in the 20's? Which will be the trends in digitalization? Which topics will keep us busy? So many questions and no answer yet. Our Oil & Gas Blog has Read More

Drones everywhere Part 2- The Challenge of being disruptive and successful

In the first part of this article, I concentrated on possible use cases of drones for the Upstream Oil & Gas industry. The complexity of having a positive business case when we are disruptive However, the management of these drone

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Drones everywhere- Part 1

Introduction When I had the opportunity to learn about the first applications of fixed-wing drones in soybean fields some years ago, my mind flew immediately imagining dozens of use cases that could be exploited in the upstream industry. For several

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