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Yokogawa RAP System: Free Covid-19 Icon Release

I write this, sitting at home, just like many co-workers throughout Yokogawa and in many other companies around the globe.  No matter if you are based in Wales or in New South Wales, around the planet we carry out our

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Why do so many electronic Permit to Work projects fail?

Photography and Permit to Work I’m a big fan of photography, I like taking pictures, I admire the technology and I truly love the results. The principle of photography is simple: ensure you have enough light and don’t move your

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The 4 pros and cons of an online safety study – HAZOP

New situations ask for different solutions. Before ‘the new normal’, meetings were often planned face-to-face, but the working method has drastically changed, and we work online wherever possible. This also affects the safety studies that Yokogawa carries out for companies.

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Top 5 Reasons for monitoring Safety System Performance

The primary goal of a safety system is to reduce operational risks and improve the overall process safety of a plant over its entire lifecycle. In the event of a deviation or failure of the safety system, Safety Instrumented Systems

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Safety and the Power of Repetition

A well-known marketing rule is that, on average, you have to come into contact with a message seven times before you decide to buy a product. After all, a message is easily lost between all the stimuli that we have

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Process Safety Congress Dordrecht

Controlling processes with hazardous chemicals Industrial accidents can cause thousands of workplace injuries. For instance, an explosion at a pesticide plant in eastern China has killed at least 47 people and injured over 600, the latest in a series of

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