Don’t get driven to distraction by Nuisance Alarms- Part One

Nuisance alarms are a symptom of poorly managed alarm systems, they inhibit the effectiveness of Operators and obscure the view of what is really going on – compromising safety and reducing the effectiveness of the alarm system. Yokogawa provides a

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3rd Annual Conference: IIoT and Digital Solutions for Oil & Gas 2019

Why a Conference about IIoT and Digital Solutions for Oil & Gas? IoT, Big Data, Cloud:  Every new digitalization technology aims to redefine the Oil & Gas industry and generate new business value. How are Oil & Gas companies navigating

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The Lean and Mean Trap

Have you ever heard of “the lean and mean trap”? Last month I visited a company that manufactures specialty chemicals. We initially discussed the market conditions and the current economic situation of the company. I was not surprised to hear

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