Earth Overshoot Day- Helping the World with Yokogawa

Earth Overshoot Day- Helping the World with Yokogawa

July 29, 2019

Earth Overshoot Day: Meaning

The global Earth Overshoot Day 2019 is on July, 29. What does the Earth Overshoot Day stand for?

Earth Overshoot Day is the day on which all natural resources that the earth could regenerate and sustainably use in one year have been used up by humans. 1.7 global hectares per person is the biocapacity of our planet per year. If every human being consumed 1.7 global hectares or less, the Earth would be in a healthy balance.

What do you estimate is the actual consumption per person?

An alarming 3.3 global hectares are consumed by humans on average. And thus almost twice as much as it would be healthy for the planet. This consumption is also called the “ecological footprint”.

Now one could think that through more and more education and Fridays for Future demonstrations, consumption is decreasing every year. But far from it. More and more natural resources are consumed and the annual Earth Overshoot Day is moving forward. By using up the Earth’s natural resources, we have to fall back on the Earth’s reserves. But at some point, the outermost reserves will also be used up.
And then what?

What can we do to help the earth?

In the areas of energy, environmental protection, and nutrition, in particular, everyone can do something to save the earth. The here and now lays the foundations for a better future.

Concrete measures

  • Reduce global meat consumption by 50% > Overshoot Day would be postponed by 5 days
  • 350 million hectares of forest reforested > Overshoot Day would be postponed by 8 days
  • Sustainable travel: Is it absolutely necessary to travel by plane or would it also be possible to travel by train? If only the plane is suitable for the journey, atmosfair can calculate the CO2 footprint of the flight and donate it to climate protection projects.
  • Only buy food that you actually eat. 50% less food waste globally > Overshoot Day would be postponed by 11 days
  • Avoiding fast fashion: It is better to buy timeless and high-quality clothing that can be easily combined with other pieces of clothing.
  • Use alternative, energy-saving means of transport: More hiking, cycling and public transport > Overshoot Day would be postponed by 12 days

Would you like to calculate your personal ecological footprint? With the Footprint Calculator, you can see your personal result after entering your data.

What role does sustainability play at Yokogawa?

Not only individuals but also companies must be aware of their social responsibility.

Yokogawa automation solutions make processes smarter and more efficient. For customers, the manufacturing industry, this means above all more turnover and the ability to remain competitive.

But how sustainable are Yokogawa’s process automation systems in the long term?

As one of the market leaders in process automation, Yokogawa set itself three sustainability goals in 2017. These were aligned with the sustainability goals of the “Agenda 2030 for Sustainable Development” adopted by the UN General Assembly and the Paris Climate Agreement.

These three sustainability goals are:

Yokogawa 3 goals

  1. “Achieve net-zero emissions”
  2. “Ensure well-being”
  3. “Make transition to circular economy”

How are the sustainability goals implemented?

Takashi Nishijima, President and CEO of Yokogawa, reflects the sustainability statement on the global corporate website:

“Statement on Yokogawa’s Aspirations for Sustainability

Yokogawa will work to achieve net-zero emissions, make a transition to a circular economy, and ensure the well-being of all by 2050, thus making the world a better place for future generations. We will undergo the necessary transformation to achieve these goals by 1. becoming more adaptable and resilient, 2. evolving our businesses to engage in regenerative value creation, and 3. promoting co-innovation with our stakeholders.”

Sustainability is the responsibility of all of us. The world as we leave it to future generations is our legacy. Since a company consists not only of machines but above all of the people, we want to live up to our responsibility as a company.

Achieve net-zero emissions

The first goal, “Achieve net-zero emissions”, is to stop climate change. Climate change is one of the most urgent issues to be tackled worldwide. The consequences of uncontrolled global warming would be fatal: the melting of the North and South poles, extreme storms, rising sea levels, sinking harvests, the extinction of animals and plants.

Yokogawa intends to achieve net-zero emissions. This means that greenhouse gas concentrations in the atmosphere will not increase due to the balance of emissions and absorption of greenhouse gases. This balance is achieved through the use of renewable energy and efficient energy consumption. Together with the customer, Yokogawa primarily uses renewable energy such as hydropower or solar energy. The slogan “Co- innovating tomorrow” describes how Yokogawa works with customers to create a new, more sustainable future.

Circular economy

A circular economy is the second sustainability goal.  Only if all resources are used in such a way that no waste is produced will the change to a circular economy be completed.

A feel-good climate also at work

“A wonderful employer, where humanity and esteem are written in capital letters. The relaxed working atmosphere makes me very happy to come to work. The possibility of further professional training is also a very important starting point, which motivates me personally”.

Cansu Avci, Sales Order Handling at Yokogawa Deutschland GmbH

The third sustainability objective, “Ensure well-being”, focuses on people and their mental and physical health. The well-being of the employees is very important to Yokogawa. The workplaces are safe and ergonomic. For sports enthusiasts, light fitness training is offered in small groups.  Also, Yoga classes are taught at our European headquarter in Amersfoort.

Yokogawa sees itself as a social employer and supports its employees with numerous social benefits and training opportunities. The employees should develop their careers and be supported in their development. A company is only as good as its employees. That is why Yokogawa wants to be more than just a source of income for its staff. The focus is on intrinsic motivation and satisfaction. The employees should feel so comfortable that you can imagine staying in the company for a long time and growing with your tasks. Flat hierarchies, a pronounced feedback system and appreciation of the individual making the atmosphere in the company familiar and respectful.

Have you become curious? Would you also like to make your contribution to the world at Yokogawa?

Then take a look at the Yokogawa careers page.

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