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Anatomy of a Cyber Attack- ICS Cyber Kill Chain- Part 1

The extensive cyber intrusions on Oil and Gas companies have revealed that these intrusions are not just a one-off scenario to talk about, rather it demands a theoretical approach to understand the attack more precisely. There has been a wide

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“Cyber Security is a Guarantee for economic Success”- Interview with Fatih Denizdas

Fatih Denizdas, Head of Automation Cyber Security at Yokogawa Germany, has 25 years of IT and OT expertise with a focus on worldwide Cyber Security projects. Since October 2019, he leads the Automation Cyber Security department in Germany. As a

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Cyber Security Challenges in the Oil and Gas Industry- An Overview

The modern-day interconnected world is very vulnerable to cyber-attacks and industries are taking more and more countermeasures than ever to safeguard their systems and data. Across industries, companies have been accelerating the countermeasures as well as intensifying the focus on

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