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“The ideal Combination of Process Engineering and Data Analysis”- Dr.Silke Müller

In our series “Employees at Yokogawa” we introduce Dr.Silke Müller today. She works as a data scientist at Yokogawa. Dear Silke, thank you very much for taking the Time for an Interview. You are Data Scientist at Yokogawa. Please explain,

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My Experiences as a Maintenance Engineer on the Mittelplate

Since 2014 I have been working as a maintenance engineer for Yokogawa. Twice a year, I’m on my way to Mittelplate, the most important German oil field in the Wadden Sea. For me, the journey is connected with special precautions:

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Working on an Oil Rig Part 1- Dream Job or Nightmare?

Be it Mittelplate in the German North Sea, Brent Bravo in Scotland or Ekofisk in Norway – oil rigs exert a very special fascination, as most people find them difficult to reach due to the extremely high safety precautions. Drilling

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