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A short Story about Structures

What do you expect as a plant operator/owner from an Automation System? Plant operators/owners, as well as other parties, have standardized plant structures over the years. The  ISA-106/95/88 series of standards are commonly referenced for this purpose. The aim is

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Pink Thursdays

Pink shirts for teambuilding Some time ago, at one of the engineering companies I worked for, the people from the process area started wearing pink shirts on Thursdays. I don’t remember how the custom began, or if it was an

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My heart beats for automation! Interview with Nicole Markert

In our new series “Employees at Yokogawa” we present Nicole Markert today. Born in Colombia, she came to Germany after studying engineering. She started her professional career in September 2018 as a Sales Engineer at Yokogawa. Hello Nicole, you are

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